PHILIP CASHIAN (b.1963): Concerto for Cello and Strings, SU LIAN TAN (b.1964): Legends of Kintamani for Cello and Ensemble, RICHARD WERNICK (b.1934): Concerto for Cello and 10 Players.

Catalogue Number: 09T076

Label: Oberlin Music

Reference: OC 17-03

Format: CD

Price: $14.98

Description: Tan's concerto was inspired by travels to the far east, especially Bali, and draws on legends and musical styles from the region. The work is broadly speaking neo-romantic and tonal, with modal inflections of the east and some suggestion of the flexible intonation and playing styles of traditional music. The gamelan is evoked in the Prelude and Finale, while the inner movements deal with myths and the atmosphere of the tropical forest at night. You may already have Cashian's nervous, jittery concerto, with soloist and ensemble in a constant state of agitated, irritable dialogue on an NMC disc from 2013 (12P080), but if not, his fundamentally tonal, precise and clear, restlessly mobile idiom is well worth getting to know. Wernick's tough, highly chromatic concerto of 1979 is in two movements, a freely rhapsodic Entrada and a large variation-form movement based on a dour all-interval theme that repeats in the manner of a passacaglia, gradually growing from a restrained, mournful start to accumulate ever greater density and vehemence. A vigorous extended cadenza leads into the movement's sombre coda. Darrett Adkins (cello), Oberlin Contemporary Music Ensemble; Timothy Weiss.


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