HENNING KRAGGERUD (b.1973): Preghiera, Postlude in B Flat Minor from Equinox, the last leaf - Magnus in Memoriam, Victimae Paschali, ANTONIO VIVALDI (1678-1741): The Four Seasons.

Catalogue Number: 09T079

Label: Simax

Reference: PSC 1356

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: Don't dismiss this out of hand because you already have a couple of dozen recordings of The Four Seasons. Kraggerud brings his own very personal touch to a delicious, precise, imaginative and characterful performance of the classic warhorse, with the kind of 'authentic' embellishments, ornamentation and variation of the strict score that are regarded as de rigeur nowadays, all very much in character and not deliberately incongruous (as seems to delight some performers). Kraggerud got the idea of interpolating pieces of his own between the concerti from the Kremer/Desyatnikov 'Eight Seasons' combining Vivaldi with Piazzolla. Here the intention is a little different; providing transitions between the seasons. Kraggerud's neo-romantic style doesn't sound like Vivaldi, but the way his pieces emotionally and atmospherically dovetail into the original work is remarkable. His “Prayer” bridges the hopeful Spring and dramatic Summer; a Postlude from his superb concerto 'Equinox' (09R078) leads from summer's storm and stress to Autumn's bounty; then as Autumn fades, "the last leaf", a heartrending in memoriam pieces, introduces Winter's chill blast. Finally, a sombre Easter hymn ushers in the hopes and doubts of a new spring. Arctic Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra; Henning Kraggerud (violin).


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