JAAN RÄÄTS (b.1932): Kaleidoscopic Etudes, Op. 97*, ARVO PÁRT (b.1935): Mozart-Adagio*,  HENRYK MIKOLAJ GÓRECKI (1933-2010): Lerchenmusik, Recitatives and Ariosos, Op. 53. * - First Recordings.

Catalogue Number: 09U055

Label: Aparté

Reference: AP187

Format: CD

Price: $20.98

No Longer Available

Description: Three very different pieces by three major European, as (extremely) distinct from American, minimalists. New to disc is the Rääts, as jauntily propulsive as anything by Glass, but achieving this result by very different means. Literal repetition of engaging little 'cells' - more complete in themselves than the building blocks of process minimalism - are presented in short sequences which are then abruptly, or more precisely, 'kaleidoscopically', replaced by a new pattern which may be quite different in mood. Tonal in harmony and mostly consonant, the music nevertheless admits some episodes of clashing dissonance. Górecki's Lerchenmusik is an extended piece of strict minimalism in the sense of very limited material or development. The 'recitative' sections of the three movements consist of austere instrumental melodies over tolling piano accompaniments, while the more declamatory and vehement 'arias' repeat clangorous chords under somewhat folktune-like melodic material, with unexpected quotes from Messiaen and Beethoven appearing in the last movement. Pärt's embellished transcription of the slow movement of Mozart's Piano Sonata, KV 280 was originally for conventional piano trio - which makes more sense as it was written in memory of Oleg Kagan - but musically it works perfectly well in this premiere of a version with clarinet. Patrick Messina (clarinet), Henri Demarquette (cello), Fabrizio Chiovetta (piano).


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