POUL RUDERS (b.1949): Selections from Pages for Solo Guitar, Selections from Three for Two for Violin and Guitar, Occam’s Razor for Oboe and Guitar, Air with Changes for 4 Guitars, New Rochelle Suite for Guitar and Percussion, Schrödinger’s Cat for Violin and Guitar.

Catalogue Number: 09U060

Label: Bridge

Reference: 9500

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: Ruders has been writing music for David Starobin for three decades, including two guitar concerti, and Starobin's company has devotedly promoted Ruders' music. These sets of small pieces are short on solemnity but high in charm and appeal. In his most notable large-scale works, Ruders tends toward the darker aspects of the human experience, but there is none of that here; the composer's humor and wit, which often emerges in his programme notes, informs many of these pieces. For example, Schrödinger's Cat is so named because 'I´ve always wanted to write a piece and call it “Schrödinger´s Cat”', but the piece is a set of 12 little canons, beautifully crafted and in a variety of often lively moods and textures, with nothing whatsoever to do with indeterminacy in either physics or music. The suite Occam's Razor, as the title suggests, is all about simplicity and making something appealing out of almost no material, and the New Rochelle Suite, which might be a serious and substantial work based on the portentous movement titles, in fact lasts six minutes in five movements and is amusing and catchy in equal measure (New Rochelle is the city where Bridge Records is based). David Starobin (guitar), Liang Wang (oboe), Daniel Druckman (percussion), Movses Pogosian, Amalia Hall (violin), Xiaobo Pu, YunXiang Fan, Hao Yang (guitars).


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