RICHARD HARVEY (b.1953): 20 Scénarios for Piano.

Catalogue Number: 09U062

Label: Altus Records

Reference: ALU0013

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: Harvey's career has mainly been in music for television and film, for which he has been much awarded, though as composer, arranger and performer he has participated in many styles of music from folk-rock to 'classical' concert music. His recorder concerto for Michaela Petri, which we offered on 05N071 has been received with some acclaim; we described it as "[Not going] all New Agey on you. Rather it's all more like a very well done score for a whimsical fantasy film. Lovely use of extremely high, bright, sparkling percussion, too." These pleasant miniatures offer the same sort of thing. We are told that "these pieces have been drawn from Richard's notebooks dating back to his student days and also from impressionistic memories with a distinctive wash of Mediterranean sunlight", and in the complete absence of notes on the music, that and the evocative titles are all you're going to get. All are tonal, unassuming little mood pieces, inhabiting a world between 'British Light Music' and piano arrangements of film cues. John Lenehan (piano).


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