OWEN UNDERHILL (b.1954): Concerto for Cello and Ensemble, LUCIANO BERIO (b.1956): Folk Songs for Mezzo-Soprano and 7 Instruments, PAUL HINDEMITH (1895-1963): Kammermusik No. 3, Op. 36/2.

Catalogue Number: 09U063

Label: Orlando Records

Reference: OR 0037

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: Underhill's concerto is indeed a kind of 'curio box', the title of the first movement. It might be broadly described as 'polystylistic', within a somewhat restricted, basically tonal range with no wild stylistic excursions. The work, overall, is in a traditional three-movement form, with the first movement exploring the idea of the intricately carved and decorated puzzle boxes of the Qing Dynasty, containing miniature mementos of different cultures and arts. The music is designedly episodic. The slow movement is more straightforwardly lyrical, returning at the end to the opening material, now 'remembered' in a different guise by the soloist. The finale, 'Assemblages' resenbles the first movement in its kaleidoscope of compartmentalised sections in different styles and moods, including episodes suggesting jazz, the Renaissance, and Indian music. Ariel Barnes (cello), Fides Krucker (voice), Turning Point Ensemble; Owen Underhill.


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