RORY FRECKLETON (b.1959): Piano Sonata No. 2 “Three Days in 1988”, 8 Intermezzi, Suite.

Catalogue Number: 09U068

Label: Quartz

Reference: QTZ 2126

Format: CD

Price: $15.98

Description: Freckleton freely acknowledges various Romantic models for his pleasing, well crafted, thoroughly tonal piano works - Brahms, Mendelssohn, Rachmaninov - but it is Impressionism that seems to have made the greatest mark on the composer's style. He cites Debussy as inspiration for the two Studies in the Suite (these are the intervals the French composer left out), and both Debussy Préludes and various works by Ravel are clearly referred to in several of the Intermezzi and movements of the Suite. The latter also includes several evocative reflections on landscape, which suggest John Ireland or Balfour Gardiner (English coastline and distant church bells). The autobiographical three-movement Sonata derives from a personal crisis in the composer's life; an orderly set of variations is brusquely interrupted; in the slow movement, 'Despair, Hope, Despair again' an ABA structure reflects these emotional states in different treatments of the same material, and the rondo finale has an air of detenrmination, troubled by reminiscences of the first movement's Sturm und Drang before arriving at a peaceful, or at least, resigned, conclusion. Samantha Ward (piano).


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