20th Century Spanish Music for Harpsichord

JOAN MARIA THOMÀS (1896-1966): Le Clavecin Voyager, JOAQUÍN RODRIGO (1901-1999): Prélude et Ritornello, JOAQUIM HOMS (1906-2003): Preludi, ÁNGEL OLIVER PINA (1937-2005): Ofrenda a Manuel de Falla, TOMÁS MARCO (b.1942): Herbania, JOSÉ LUIS TURINA (b.1952): 2 Essercizi, JOSÉ MARÍA SÁNCHEZ-VERDÚ (b.1935): Palimpsestes II.

Catalogue Number: 09V051

Label: IBS

Reference: IBS122019

Format: CD

Price: $15.98

Description: An engaging recital of varied short works by a wide variety of composers, some of whom you're very familiar with, and others with whom you're probably not, all rejoicing in the rich resonance and clarity of the post-Landowska harpsichord. The works are all tonal to a greater or lesser extent - mostly greater - and the composers' approaches vary widely, with some opting to write music that pays tribute to 'Spanish Baroque Harpsichord Music' in their own styles, and others treating the instrument as a wonderful new discovery, ideal for a modern idiom. What Joan Maria Thomás does with the English national anthem in the first movement of his hugely entertaining suite is worth the price of the disc, as is Tomás Marco's thunderous, rapid-fire toccata that lends its title to the CD. Silvia Márquez (harpsichord).


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