PAAVO HEININEN (b.1935): 3 Boston Sonatas for Violin and Piano, Op. 134.

Catalogue Number: 09V053

Label: Alba

Reference: ACD 443

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

No Longer Available

Description: These recent sonatas, grouped under one opus number, are the result of a commission from Boston for a sonata for violinist Kaija Saarikettu. The composer visited Boston, so the resulting sonata came to be referred to as the ˜Boston Sonata“. He used material left over from the first in the second, which became the ˜Boston Variations”. This was followed by the ˜Boston Ballad“. They are all interlinked in that ideas presented in one sonata may be developed and come to a culmination in another sonata. Heininen is a proudly unrepentant modernist, so don't expect anything ingratiatingly 'easy' here, but this is not to say that the works are unapproachable; what there is, in large measure, is perfectly balanced clarity of form, development and texture. What is also remarkable is the sonatas' expressive range; the variations on multiple themes based on complex structures that make up the five movements of the Second are fully worked out character pieces, as are the seven movements of the Third, which bear fanciful titles describing their distinct character. The large single-span First follows an unmistakable dramatic arc, as surely as any Romantic work propelled by conventional tonal relationships. Kaija Saarikettu (violin), Juhani Lagerspetz (piano).


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