FRIEDRICH JAECKER (b.1950): 12 Bagatellen for Piano, 12 Studien for Piano, paradis for 2 Pianos, Harry’s Dream for 30 Glasses and Voices.

Catalogue Number: 09V060

Label: Mode

Reference: 315

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: Jaecker studied with Ligeti and is an expert on the music of Feldman and Scelsi. Not surprisingly, then, his music is structured around the meditative examination of sparse, sonorous material. Harry's Dream ("Harry" being Harry Partch) builds a huge glass harmonica tuned in 33 cents, each glass played by a single player. The performers also sing tones and chant, interweaving with the iridescent clouds of shifting sounds. The work recalls the unearthly beauty of Partch's works (see, for instance, 07V042), and also Ligeti's cluster sonorities in Atmospheres and Volumina. The ethereal work lasts half an hour, and holds the attention throughout. Paradis is more like Feldman, its simple little fragmentary phrases passed between the pianos, the sound of the dampers providing a sonorous, echoing accompaniment. The aphoristic Bagatelles and Studies, played in alternation between the two pianos here, present simple groups of notes, chords or gestures, with occasional extended sounds and vocalizations, very Feldmanesque in its rapt contemplation of minimal material.pianoduo elaeis, Chamber Choir of the University of Cologne; Michael Ostrzyga.


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