YUKO UEBAYASHI (b.19??): Misericordia for Flute and String Quartet, Au-delà du Temps for 2 Flutes and Piano, Town Lights for 2 Flutes and Piano.

Catalogue Number: 09V073

Label: Azica

Reference: ACD-71325

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: Uyebayashi is a Japanese composer, domiciled in France, and although Japanese elements are certainly evident in her works, it is French Impressionism that will most likely occur to the listener as an influence on these delightful tonal pieces, full of charm and character. Misericordia was inspired by the painting "Madonna della Misericordia, 1472, by Domenico Ghirlandaio, which the composer saw on a visit to Italy. The painting shows the Virgin Mary surrounded by people, on whom she turns a calm and beatific gaze. The piece is divided into 10 "months" (the tenth is for celebration), with a light, fairytale quality and warm, glowing colors. "Beyond Time" is an attractive and lively suite of four pieces 'about' aspects of light, which recall the lighter Ravel in their easy melodic charm and delicate color palette. Carol Wincenc (flute), Tanya Dusevic Witek (second flute), Stephen Gosling, Emile Naoumoff (piano), Escher String Quartet.


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