FRÉDÉRIC D’ERLANGER (1868-1943): Piano Quintet, THOMAS DUNHILL (1877-1946): Piano Quintet in C Minor, Op. 20.

Catalogue Number: 09W041

Label: Hyperion

Reference: CDA68296

Format: CD

Price: $19.98

Description: After two recordings of his concertante works on Dutton Epoch and Hyperion, we now dip into this naturalized Briton’s chamber music with a big, Germanic, full-full-scale piano quintet from 1902. The turbulent mood of its first movement is countered by a broadly lyrical slow movement and a fleet, airy scherzo before a finale which returns to the mood of the first movement. Dunhill’s 1904 work is of similar proportions and equally dramatic and lyrical by turns. Piers Lane (piano), Goldner String Quartet.


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