ALEXANDER TANSMAN (1897-1986): Triptyque, SIMON LAKS (1901-1983): Sinfonietta, JERZY FITELBERG (1903-1951): Concerto for Strings, MIECZYSLAW KARLOWICZ (1876-1909): Serenade for Strings, Op. 2.

Catalogue Number: 10J009

Label: EDA

Reference: 26

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: Volume one of a planned series titled "Poland Abroad", this release begins a chronicle of Polish composers in exile between the years of 1850 and 1950. The Karlowicz is well-known, with its stylistic connections to the Romantic serenades of Brahms and Dvorák but the other works are either world premiere recordings or first CD recordings (as in the Tansman). All three date from between 1928 and 1936 and all are broadly neo-classical in style although Laks, for example, is more neo-baroque in his suite-like, four movement work and Tansman more chromatic, leading to more dissonant sounds but fugue and ostinato are prominent in all three, as are lovely, song-like slow movements. Berlin Chamber Symphony; Jürgen Bruns.


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