JEAN SIBELIUS (1881-1950): The Sibelius Edition: Chamber Music I - String Quartets: Molto moderato - Scherzo, [Scherzo] in B Minor (compl. Kalevi Aho [b.1949], Quartet in E Flat, 4 themes, 3 pieces, Allegretto in D, Andantino in C, Theme and Variations in C Sharp Minor, 33 small pieces, [Allegro] in G Minor, Andante-Allegro molto in D, Andante molto sostenuto in B Minor, Moderato-Allegro appassionato in C Sharp Minor, 3 pieces, Allegretto in B Flat, Fuga für Martin Wegelius, Quartet in A Minor, Adagio in D Minor, Quartet in B Flat, Op. 4, Quartet in D Minor "Voces intimae", Op. 56 (followed by preliminary ending of final movement), Andante festivo. Tempera Quartet. Piano Trios: [Trio] in G for 2 Violins and Piano, [Menuetto] in D Minor, Menuetto in F for 2 Violins and Piano, [Andante]-Adagio-Allegro maestoso, Trio in A Minor, [Moderato] in A Minor, [Allegro] in C, Allegro in D, [Andantino] in A, Trio in A Minor "Hafträsk", Trio in D "Korpo", Andantino in G Minor, [Allegretto] in A Flat, Trio in C "Lovisa", [Allegro] in D Minor, [Allegretto] in E Flat (compl. Jaakko Kuusisto), La pompeuse Marche d'Asis. Jaakko Kuusisto (violin), Marko Ylönen (cello), Folke Gräsbeck (piano), Satu Vänskä (second violin), Piano Quartets: Quartets in D Minor & C Minor for 2 Violins, Cello and Piano, Ljunga Virginia for Violin, Cello and Piano Four Hands, Scherzo in E Minor for Violin, Cello and Piano Four Hands, Quartet in G Minor for Violin, Cello, Piano and Harmonium, Andante cantabile in E Flat for Piano and Harmonium. Jaakko Kuusisto (violin), Taneli Turunen (cello), Folke Gräsbeck (piano), Satu Vänskä (second violin), Peter Lönnqvist (four hands piano), Harri Viitanen (harmonium).

Catalogue Number: 10J066

Label: BIS

Reference: CD-1903/05

Format: CD

Price: $59.98

Description: 6 CDs.


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