PHILIPPE BOESMANS (b.1936): Julie.

Catalogue Number: 10J123

Label: Bel Air Classiques

Reference: BAC026

Format: DVD

Price: $32.98

Description: Boesmans' take on Strindberg's suffocating little domestic tragedy is a model of precision in its portrayal of the delineation of the power-play between the protagonists. This psychological cut and thrust is the heart of the drama in this adaptation, which places the narrative firmly in the hands, or voices, of the three soloists. The sung dialogue is almost continuous, eloquent and strongly characterised; the musical vocabulary not unconventional, with some allegiance to Richard Strauss, Wagner and post-second Viennese approaches to music drama. The demanding role of Julie, evolving from playful if desperate seductress to disintegrating, self-destructive and ultimately suicidal victim of unhappy circumstances is both a dramatic and musical tour de force, pitch-perfectly presented and trimmed to the devastating essentials. The staging is in a stylized realistic manner, filmed with close-ups and camera tracking to highlight the evolving drama. Malena Ernman (mezzo), Garry Magee (baritone), Kerstin Avemo (soprano), Chamber Orchestra of La Monnaie; Kazushi Ono. 74 min. 16:9 widescreen. Region free NTSC. PCM Stereo/Dolby Digital 5.0/DTS 5.0.


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