WILLIAM KRAFT (b.1923): Encounters I: Soliloquy for Solo Percussion and Tape, II for Solo Tuba, III: Duel for Trumpet and Percussion, IV: Duel for Trombone and Percussion, V: In the Morning of the Winter Sea, VI: Concertino for Roto Toms and Percussion Quartet, VII: Blessed Are the Peacemakers, VIII: Divinations, IX for Alto Saxphone and Percussion, X: Duologue for Violin and Marimba, XII: The Gabrielic Foray, XIII: Concertino for Percussion and Wind Quintet, XIV: Concerto a Tre, XV for Guitar and Percussion.

Catalogue Number: 10L081

Label: Cambria

Reference: 1191

Format: CD

Price: $22.98

Description: The Encounters project is basically a compendium of just about everything that can be done with percussion of every conceivable type, formulated by a composer who is acknowledged as the elder statesman of percussion today. A huge variety of percussion instruments is employed in various combinations, and in various ensembles and duos. As an encyclopedia of percussion techniques there is probably nothing to compare with this huge cycle of works; everything is on display, from martial rhythmic patternings to accompany dramatically expressive brass solo writing (the writing for the other instruments - winds, brass, strings, other percussion - incorporates a good deal of innovative extended technique, by the way), to delicate, sonorous timbral studies, to shattering explosive climaxes that will test the limits of your hi-fi (beware, if you listen with headphones). The idiom of the music changes with context, from freely improvisatory and effectively unpitched to atonal and serial to frankly melodic and harmonically straightforward, not avoiding some lively suggestions of jazz; the constant inventiveness and variety of textures ensures ready accessibility throughout. 3 CDs. Tambuco Percussion Ensemble, Southwest Chamber Music.


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