STEVEN STUCKY (b.1949): American Muse for Baritone and Orchestra, AVNER DORMAN (b.1975): Variations Without a Theme for Large Orchestra, RAYMOND LUSTIG (b.197?): Unstuck, MARILYN SHRUDE (b.1946): A Virtual Reality, ELLIOTT CARTER (b.1908): Pastoral for English Horn and Strings (Jacqueline Leclair [eng horn]).

Catalogue Number: 10M087

Label: Albany

Reference: TROY 1214

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

No Longer Available

Description: Shrude's orchestral essay is a kind of mini-concerto for orchestra, with fluid textures formed of overlapping lines which mirror, or shadow, one another in a shimmering, lyrical sound-world. Stucky's orchestral song cycle explores various aspects of 'American-ness' as expressed by four American poets in a largely tonal and thoroughly accessible idiom with suggestions of a rough-hewn vernacular vocabulary and a cunning knack for matching the styles of the poems with music that emphasizes their different perspectives. The Lustig plays with our perceptions of familiar music, quoting fragments of Holst, Mahler and Tomás Luis de Victoria more or less literally, but allowing the quotations to collapse, unfulfilled, and then blending them into a dissonant, alien landscape, like the forgotten remnants of a great, forgotten civilization unearthed by uncomprehending denizens of a distant future. Carter's little Pastoral is very early -1940, with this ingenious arrangement dating from 1982 - and is from the pen of the tonally-oriented mid-century all-American composer of the Symphony: the composer that Carter did not become. Dorman's lively and tumultuous Variations incorporates elements of various idioms of contemporary western concert music (of the mainly tonal variety) alongside middle-eastern influences, rock and jazz. Bowling Green Philharmonia; Emily Freeman Brown.


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