PABLO CASALS (1876-1973): String Quartet in E Minor (Alart Quartet), Violin Sonata (Josep Colomé [violin], Katia Michel [piano]).

Catalogue Number: 10N050

Label: KlassicCat

Reference: KC 1010

Format: CD

Price: $15.98

Description: Apparently, a project is underway in Barcelona to record some (or all?) of Casals' unpublished compostions (this new label is owned by Alberto Moraleda; you may remember his previous label, Editions Moraleda which, among other things, did a complete Turina piano music cycle). Both these works are unfinished, missing finales. The quartet dates from way early - 1893 - and the 16-year-old Casals was working in the German tradition from Schubert to Brahms. The 31-minute sonata, with each movement written years apart during the 40s and 50s, was performed on the composer's 100th anniversary by Isaac Stern and Eugene Istomin in Barcelona. Its 14-minute first movement is especially notable for its pleasant lyricism in a Franckian tone but with Catalan folk elements.


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