PIERRE JODLOWSKI (b.1971): Drones for 15 Instruments, Barbarismes for Ensemble and Electronics, Dialog/No Dialog for Flute and Electronics.

Catalogue Number: 10N102

Label: Kairos

Reference: 0013032KAI

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

No Longer Available

Description: Dense, saturated textures, an abundance of gesture and incessant, hectic energy characterize these highly theatrical ensemble pieces. Even in the flute piece, the electronic part maintains a near-constant fullness of texture, with the soloist almost functioning like the protagonist inn a conventional concerto. Barbarismes is the most overtly theatrical work here, the electronic part ranging from synthesized drones and explosions to crowd noises, a thunderstorm, voices - suggesting a complex drama played out in a foreign language, teeming with events, the meaning of which remains obscure. The opening section of Drones, and some instrumental episodes elsewhere, as well as the exuberant writing for individual instruments, sometimes suggests the improvisatory energy of avant-garde jazz, while elsewhere he immersive nature of the sonic textures places the listener in a kind of virtual installation - also a field in which the composer has extensive experience. Sophie Cherrier (flute), Ensemble Intercontemporain; Susanna Mälkki.


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