Baroque Bohemia and Beyond, Vol. 6

CHRISTOPH SCHIMPKE (1725-1789): Symphony in F, LEOPOLD GASSMANN (1729-1774): Symphony in C Minor, VOJTECH JÍROVEC (1763-1850): Symphony in F.

Catalogue Number: 10O005

Label: Alto

Reference: ALC 1201

Format: CD

Price: $9.98

No Longer Available

Description: The latest release in this valuable series (with the weird title - almost none of the works after Vol. 1 have been anything close to baroque) brings us three four-movement symphonies by two people we know and Schimpke, who was a bassoonist in Dittersdorf's orchestra at the court at Jánsky Vrch and who wrote ten other symphonies as well. These symphonies approach the ideal of Mozart and Haydn in ascending order as listed above, Jirovec's providing some really memorable hooks, especially in its finale (oh, and did I mention that it has a solo oboe prominent almost throughout? Oddly cool...). Czech Chamber Philharmonic; Petr Chromcák.


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