ARNOLD MENDELSSOHN (1855-1933): Deutsche Messe, Op. 89, from Geistlische Chormusik, Op. 90: No. 5, Träufelt, ihr Himmel, von oben, No. 9, Lobt Gott, ihr Christen, Op. 90/9 and No. 10, Siehe! Finsternis deckt das Erdreich.

Catalogue Number: 10O050

Label: Hännsler Classic

Reference: CD 93.293

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: The second cousin of Felix Mendelssohn devoted the vast majority of his composing career to Protestant church music (although he did write two symphonies!) and his researches into and the revival of the performance of the music of Schütz is one of the main sources of his music's contrapuntal and formal severity. He has a knack for vividly bringing out the meaning of his texts, sometimes juxtaposing homophony with polyphony and centuries-old tonal languages with much more modern ones although atonality was unthinkable in his view. German-English texts. SWR Vocal Ensemble Stuttgart; Frieder Bernius. SACD hybrid.


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