JOSÉ SEREBRIER (b.1938): Flute Concerto with Tango, ADINA IZARRA (b.1959): Pitangus Sulphuratus, CARL VINE (b.1954): Pipe Dreams, ALBERTO GINASTERA (1916-1983): Impresiones de la Puna.

Catalogue Number: 10O080

Label: BIS

Reference: CD-1789

Format: CD

Price: $19.98

Description: Serebrier's attractive concerto begins with a lively first movement, like lightweight Prokofiev, followed by an extended, improvisatory cadenza, a vigorous, virtuosic scherzo, a lyrical, increasingly dramatic fantasia for the rich-toned alto flute, the tension then continuing into a strutting tango with lyrical interludes. The finale is a virtuosic showpiece to balance the first movement. Izarra's work is named for a songbird from her native Venezuela. The bird's song appears throughout the piece, which evokes languid heat, the drone of insects, and the sultry merengue dance form. Vine's Pipe Dreams is both a virtuoso vehicle and a three-section mini-concerto of real substance. The piece combines a vigorous pulse and long-limbed 'dreaming' melodies in a most appealing formula. Ginastera's early Impresiones evoke indigenous musics of the Andes in three modally folk-influenced song and dance-influenced movements. Sharon Bezaly (flute), Australian Chamber Orchestra; Richard Tognetti.


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