TOSHIO HOSOKAWA (b.1955): Cello Concerto, Metamorphosis for Clarinet and String Orchestra with Percussion, Voyage VII for Trumpet and Strings with Percussion.

Catalogue Number: 10O088

Label: Neos

Reference: 11028

Format: CD

Price: $19.98

No Longer Available

Description: These works all employ Hosokawa's familiar intensely colored, fluid sonorities, with the added dimension of painterly strokes of foreground solo instrumental textures. The concerto, predictably devoid of the confrontational aspects of the conventional western concerto form, is an extended elegiac dialogue, obviously a deeply felt requiem for Hosokawa's colleague and mentor, Takemitsu. The composer's series of concertante voyage works represent interior monologues for the soloists in journeys into the mysterious of the psyche. The trumpet melodies, which form a dramatic soliloquy running throughout the work, become more intricate as the piece progresses, against a background of subtle glissandi and luminous clusters. Metamorphosis consists of a constantly shifting interplay of spatial effects between instrumental groups, and like Voyage VII coveys the impression of a developing and intensifying drama. Rohan de Saram (cello), Olivier Dartevelle (clarinet), Jeroen Berwaerts (trumpet), Luxembourg Philharmonic Orchestra; Robert HP Platz.


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