JOUNI KAIPAINEN (b.1956): notkea keaton (The Ghost of Buster), PAAVO KORPIJAAKKO (b.1977): Amuse-bouche, USKO MERILÄINEN (1930-2004): Timeline (Concerto for Orchestra No. 2).

Catalogue Number: 10O089

Label: Alba

Reference: ABCD 342

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

Description: Kaipainen evidently had great fun assembling elements of his punning, pseudo-palindromic title, and he explains the various derivations with glee in his note. Hearing the piece without trying to match up the associations, it comes over as more serious than one might expect; two loosely associated movements, tied together by an intermittent bass pulse like a heartbeat (but by little else), the first alternating affectless immobility and hectic activity, with a constant underlying tension; the second a noteworthy addition to the 'sunrise crescendo' genre (see also Ravel, Nielsen, Schoenberg and many others), this one off the coast of West Africa (read the notes) and featuring djembe drums. Korpijaakko's piece alternates jaunty, scherzo-like material and less tonal-sounding episodes of tumultuous climax and eerie stasis in fifteen minutes of inventive music rich in orchestral detail and color. Meriläinen's work is subtitled 'Concerto for Orchestra', and the piece combines the wealth of instrumental detail and sectional dialogues that this suggests with a study in different perceptions of time - from very slow (a pedal-point that acts as a tonal center) to various pulses set out by the subtly employed percussion, to lively, ephemeral surface action. Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra; Hannu Lintu. SACD hybrid


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