CHRISTIAN JOST (b.1963): TiefenRausch for Violin and Orchestra, CocoonSymphony for Large Orchestra.

Catalogue Number: 10O092

Label: Capriccio

Reference: 5118

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: The concerto 'Rapture of the Deep' begins with an extended, searching violin solo, to which increasingly richly sonorous depths of orchestral texture are gradually added. As the sumptuously harmonised and orchestrated dialogue progresses the work develops an irresistible, surging energy, which gives way to a magically fluid, intensely lyrical peroration, a journey down through layers of occult consciousness. The intense and sonically spectacular CocoonSymphony represents the confrontation of simultaneous stasis and action; the violent content of a dream world experienced while inactive, or the destructive changes that occur beneath an apparently immobile surface, with powerful eruptions of percussion-led tutti blasting through flowing yet static cluster-glissandi. While undeniably music of our time, Jost's works nevertheless contain an essential core of romanticism, and the powerful emotional basis of the composer's idiom is worlds away from abstract modernism. Viviane Hagner (violin), Essen Philharmonic; Christian Jost.


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