ANDREAS ROMBERG (1767-1821): Violin Sonata in B Flat, Op. 9/2, LUDWIG VAN BEETHOVEN (1770-1827): 3 Violin Sonatas, Op. 12.

Catalogue Number: 10P026

Label: Metier

Reference: msvcd 2007

Format: CD

Price: $14.98

Description: This infuriating series - 56 minutes of something you already have on your shelves and 15 minutes of what you really want to buy it for - picks up after a five-year hiatus (even though all the recordings were made in 1999-2000) with Romberg's Scottish-tinged sonata. Written for competent amateur players, it makes use of Scottish folk songs from James Johnson's Scottish Musical Museum in the slow and final movements. Well, at least its $4 cheaper than regular Metier CDs. Peter Sheppard Skærved (violin), Aaron Shorr (piano).


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