ALPHONSE HASSELMANS (1845-1912): Gondoliera, Op. 39, La Source, Op. 44, Patrouille, Op. 18, Nocturne, Op. 43, Sérénade, Op. 5, Chanson de Mai, Op. 40, Mazurka, Op. 31, Follets, Op. 48, Gnomes, Op. 49, Petite Valse, Op. 25, Romance, Op. 6, Gretchen am Spinnrade, Op. 27, Menuet, Op. 34, Guitare, Op. 50, Au Monastère, Op. 29, Gitana, Op. 21.

Catalogue Number: 10P041

Label: Brilliant Classics

Reference: 94625

Format: CD

Price: $7.98

Description: Hasselmans' music is fin de siècle at its decorative best, refined in color and with iridescent effects that one finds in art of the epoch. Stylistically, these pieces are full of echoes of composers from Schubert to Chopin and there's a healthy dose of Spanishness also. Floraleda Sacchi (harp).


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