IMRE SZÉCHÉNYI (1825-1898): 3 Stücke for 2 Pianos, An Mariette for 2 Pianos, Erwartungspolka, Polka-Mazurka Fantasie and Polka-Hongroise for Piano, Berceuse for Cello and Piano, Serenade for Violin, Cello, Double Bass and Piano, Songs: Heitere Liebe, Quand tu me parles de gloire, Frauenliebe und Leben, Mädchens Frage, Wehmuth, Schilflied, Oh, du, vor dem die Stürmen schweigen, Sprache der Liebe, Der schwere Abend, Dei drei Zigeuner.

Catalogue Number: 10Q046

Label: Hungaroton

Reference: HCD 32748

Format: CD

Price: $19.98

Description: This Hungarian Count had a long career as a diplomat in the Austro-Hungarian empire but this left a lot of time for composing. Most of what we have here won't be mistaken for works by Széchényi's friend Liszt but it is in the spirit, if not in the letter, of one of his other friends, Johann Strauss II: rich in melody, light in manner, easy to listen to. German, French texts. Katharina Ruckgaber (soprano), Emese Virág (piano - songs), István Kassai, György Lázár (pianos) and other artists.


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