GOTTFRIED HUPPERTZ (1887-1937): Zur Chronik von Grieshuus - Complete Original Film Score.

Catalogue Number: 10S090

Label: Pan Classics

Reference: PC 10355

Format: CD

Price: $29.98

Description: “About the Chronicles of Grieshuus” of 1924 was one of the major UFA productions dating from the age of silent film and this is the third silent film score by Huppertz that we’ve offered in the last five years (after Metropolis - 07N104 and Die Nibelungen - 10R007). Like Die Nibelungen, this comes in a soft box with a 28-page booklet with nine stills from the film and notes on the original score, its reconstruction, how it fits to the film’s scenes and a synopsis of the action. 94 min. Frankfurt Radio Symphony; Frank Strobel.


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