ALADINO DI MARTINO (1908-1989): Introduzione Burlesca for Violin and Piano, Fiaba for Cello and Piano, Adagio e Allegro for Piano Trio, Tema e variazioni for Solo Flute, Allegro for Flute and Piano, for Solo Piano: Cartoni animati - Bagatella, Toccata, Suite Napoletana.

Catalogue Number: 10W047

Label: Da Vinci Classics

Reference: C00218

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: Unlike the Cambissa release (see above 10W011), this is a short (49 min.) piano and chamber music offering with a tray card notice: “Recordings: 1960-1980 Live, place and date are unknown”. Di Martino was educated at the Naples Conservatory and spent his entire career either there (his last position) or at other posts in the south of Italy. (Riccardo Muti was a composition student!) Neoclassical and conservative, it has its attractions but a volume two with some larger-scale works would tell us a lot more about this composer. Various performers.


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