CÉSAR FRANCK (1822-1890): Hulda (World Premiere Recording of the uncut version).

Catalogue Number: 10X003

Label: Naxos

Reference: 8.660480-82

Format: CD

Price: $29.98

Description: Most of Franck’s works received scant attention at the time of their composition and Hulda was never performed in his lifetime. The narrative of this opera which occupied him on and off from 1879-85 is set in 14th-century Norway at the time of the great tribal kings, with marauding hordes spreading fear and terror throughout the land. Hulda is kidnapped and transferred from one tribe to the other, her family is killed and she herself is humiliated. However, Hulda’s spirit cannot be crushed, and she survives with revenge as her goal in life. Franck’s music portrays raging clans, bloodthirsty murderers and shattered lives, but also moments of exquisite tenderness in this acclaimed revival of a forgotten masterpiece that places the role of Hulda among the great tragic stage heroines. 3 CDs. English synopsis. German translation of French libretto available online. Meagan Miller, Irina Jae Eun Park (sopranos), Joshua Kohl (tenor), Jin Seok Lee (bass), Opern- und Extrachor des Theatre Freiburg, Freiburg Philharmonic Orchestra ; Fabrice Bollon.


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