Norwegian Stage Overtures

WALDEMAR THRANE (1790-1828): Fjeldeventyret, MARTIN UDBYE (1820-1889): Fredkulla, JOHANNES HAARKLOU (1847-1925): Væringene i Miklagard, OLE OLSEN (1850-1827): Lajla, SIGWARDT ASPESTRAND (1856-1942): Der Recke von Lyrskovsheid, CATHARINUS ELLING (1858-1942): Kosakkene (overture and dances), HJALMAR BORGSTRØM (1864-1925): Thora paa Rimol, ARNE EGGEN (1881-1955): Dances from Olav Liljekrans.

Catalogue Number: 10X004

Label: LAWO Classics

Reference: LWC1218

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: From Thrane’s 1824 overture to a suite of stage music to the dances from Eggen’s opera based on an Ibsen play (1931-40) we have a century’s worth of almost totally obscure Norwegian romantic orchestra music. You may have seen four of these composer’s names in our catalogues over the past 30 or so years but everything on this disc is a first recording except for the overture to Borgstrøm’s opera (of which there is a complete recording on Simax). Norwegian National Opera Orchestra; Ingar Bergby.


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