KONSTANTIN NIKOLAYEVICH LIADOV (1820-1871): Tarantelle, Polka Militaire, Polka-Mazurka “La Silphide”, Marche funèbre, Garibaldi-Quadrille, Polka Russe, Quadrille “Marriage Russe”, ALEXANDER NIKOLAYEVICH LIADOV (1808-1871): Housewarming, ANATOLY KONSTANTINOVICH LIADOV (1855-1914): Preludes, Op. 24/1 and Op. 42/2, Novelette, Op. 20, In the Glade - Sketch, Op. 23, Zoryushka, About Olden Times, Op. 21, EVGENY IVANOVICH POMAZANSKY (1883-1948): Berceuse, Cuckoo, Chanson d’automne, IVAN ALEXANDROVICH POMAZANSKY (1848-1918): Polka, KONSTANTIN AFANASIEVICH ANTIPOV (1858-1936): 2 Preludes, Op. 8, Variations on a Theme “Chizhyk-Pyzhyk”, Nocturne in A Flat, Op. 12.

Catalogue Number: 10X037

Label: Grand Piano

Reference: GP858

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: The uniquely influential Russian musical and theatrical dynasty of the Liadov, Antipov and Pomazansky families supplied Russian culture with nearly 20 musical and theatrical performers, conductors, composers, and ballet dancers over the course of 150 years. Including numerous world première recordings, these wonderful pièces de salon are gems of Russian dance music, full of charming grace, melodic delicacy and nobility. All but the 36-second Zoryushka of A. Liadov are first recordings. Dmitri Korostelyov (piano), Olga Sorovieva (piano - A. Lyadov).


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