MIKHAIL F. GNESIN (1883-1957): D'après Shelley, Op. 4, The Jewish Orchestra at the Ball in Nothingtown, Op. 41 (Russian Philharmonic Orchestra; Konstantin Krimets), Requiem for Piano Quintet , Op. 11, Piano Trio, Op. 63 "To the Memory of Our Lost Children", Songs of a Knight Errant for String Quartet and Harp, Op. 28, Adïgeya for String Trio, Clarinet, Horn and Piano, Op. 48 (Moscow Soloists Ensemble).

Catalogue Number: 11J081

Label: Arte Nova

Reference: ANO 487221

Format: CD

Price: $4.98

No Longer Available

Description: Although this is volume four of the "Russian Futurism" series, the dreamy, ethereal lyricism which prevails is a far cry from, say, Mosolov and Deshevov's "machine music" and at times seems to anticipate Baltic "holy minimalism". The Jewish Orchestra is all Jewish dance music, delivered with what seems to be an ironic humor. Very attractive, colorful and melodic stuff, all of it. Original 1994/96 Arte Nova releases.


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