JULIUSZ LUCIUK (b.1927): Medea.

Catalogue Number: 11J101

Label: Acte Préalable

Reference: AP0147

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: A ballet in 12 scenes, Medea presents key episodes of the Jason /Medea myth, concentrating on the love story between the protagonists and its devastating consequences. Luciuk's music traverses some wide stylistic territory in illustrating the tale; broadly speaking the mythological elements and scenes of murderous brutality are accompanied by the kind of darkly sonorous, formless masses of sound which recall certain works of Penderecki or Ligeti from around the same period (the early 1970s). The constant presence of the prepared piano and the wordless, shrieking chorus render some of these passages vividly nightmarish. By contrast, more tender episodes, those with a more human element, find expression in music of strong harmonic content, frequently almost tonal, especially the eloquent and very beautiful cello writing which represents a love motif. Above all there is the composer's varied and individual sense of instrumental color and atmosphere. Vocal soloists, Zespol Instrumental and Vocalists Ensemble of Krakow; Stanislaw Galonski.


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