BARBARA HARBACH (b.1946): Veneration, One of Ours - A Cather Symphony, Arcadian Reverie for String Orchestra, Rhapsody Jardine for Oboe and String Orchestra, Frontier Fancies for Violin and Orchestra.

Catalogue Number: 11J111

Label: MSR Classics

Reference: MS 1252

Format: CD

Price: $12.98

No Longer Available

Description: Since none of Harbach's works (either here or below) are dated in the notes, one can only say that either these short pieces are all from the same decade or so, or that her style has never really changed. Fundamentally based on American folk and hymn-tune style, these attractive pieces occasionally suggest Copland in film-score mode and are often quiet, contemplative and peaceful in spirit. The melodies are lovely, the orchestration never thick or gaudy, emotion present but never heart-on-sleeve; in short, dignified and instantly approachable orchestral works which should appeal to collectors of conservative Americana. Frantisek Novotny (violin), Cynthia Green Libby (oboe), Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra; Kirk Trevor.


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