JEAN-LUC FAFCHAMPS (b.1960): Les d├ęsordres de Herr Zœbius for String Quartet (Quatuor Danel), Back to the Voice for Piano (Jean-Philippe Collard-Neven), Bryce for Clarinet and String Quartet (Jean-Michel Charlier [clarinet], Quatuor Danel), Lettre Soufie: Z(1) for Viola, Piano and Electronics (Vincent Royer [viola], Collard-Neven [piano]).

Catalogue Number: 11K116

Label: Fuga Libera

Reference: FUG537

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

Description: The quartet, a substantial 25-minute work in four contrasting movements, is accompanied in the booklet by a pseudo-Borghesian fable, which, while providing little in the way of a discernible programme for the music, suggests something of its strangeness and multifaceted modes of expression. There is a strain of lyricism in the work, which comes very much to the fore in the last movement, frequently surrounded by atonal, heterophonic and microtonal decoration elsewhere. Back to the Voice starts with complex, high-energy virtuosic piano textures, and progresses to a simpler expression, inspired by vocal polyphony, hence the title. Bryce refers to Bryce Canyon, and contrasts 'mineral' material - harsh, abrasive and angular - with 'organic' - curved and smooth of contour, mellifluous and melodic. Lettre Soufie: Z(1), which incorporates mysterious and atmospheric electronic manipulation of the instrumental sounds, refers to an esoteric systemization of symbols, which again intersects with Borghesian obliqueness with the musical material supposedly derived from it. The viola acts as catalyst for the accumulation of remarkable plastic sound textures formed from its own sonority and that of the piano, and transformed spatially as well as timbrally.


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