STANISLAW BROMBOSZCZ (b.1980): Half-sounds for 3 String Ensembles, MICHAL DOBRZYNSKI (b.1980): Florence Trio for Piano Trio, MARCIN GUMIELA (b.1980): Le impressioni fiorentine for Cello and Piano, PAWEL HENDRICH (b.1979): Multivalentis for Clarinet, Cello, Trombone and Piano, KRYSTOF MARATKA (b.1972): Chant G'hai for Suona and Orchestra, MICHAL MOC (b.1977): Chordalians & Chordaliens for Accordion and Chamber Orchestra, DARIUSZ PRZYBYLSKI (b.1984): Inexprimable for Chamber Ensemble, Op. 30, WERONIKA RATUSINSKA (b.1977): Blue Note for Cello and Piano, MARCIN STANCZYK (b.1977): Geysir-Grisey for 2 Pianos, Violin, Viola and Double Bass, MARCIN TOMASZ STRZELECKI (b.1975): Consciousness - Kilda (II) for Orchestra, AGNIESZKA STULGINSKA (b.1978): Take the city and Fog for String Quartet and Tape, SLAWOMIR ZAMUSZKO (b.1973): Events for Small Orchestra, WOJCIECH ZLEMOWIT ZYCH (b.1976): Rozedrgranie for 2 Pianos.

Catalogue Number: 11K118

Label: Dux

Reference: 0635/0636

Format: CD

Price: $37.98

Description: This Polish collection is titled "Young Composers in Tribute to Fryderyk Chopin" and sometimes you're actually able to identify the Chopin source of the compositions - not surprisingly, this occurs in the more tonal works. There are no notes - only biographies and work-lists for each composer - but collectors of the youngest generation of Polish composers will certainly find a wide variety of styles here. One of the most entertaining items is not by a Pole at all, and is also by the oldest composer here, the Czech Maratka, whose Chant G'hai (in a live recording from Shanghai presumably) uses an instrument (the Suona) which you will probably have heard in soundtracks containing authentic Chinese music or in recordings of Chinese folk music. It sounds like a very large, very angry mosquito and Maratka introduces it into a "primitive"-style Western orchestral texture with striking results. 2 CDs. Various artists including Shanghai Symphony Orchestra; Zhang Yi, Silesian Chamber Orchestra; Szymon Bywalec, New Music Orchestra; Bywalec, Aleksander Lason, AUKSO Chamber Orchestra; Marek Mos.


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