ROBIN HOFFMANN (b.1970): Locken (Black Cock Septet), DIETER MACK (b.1954): Kammermusik IV (Angelika Luz [soprano], Ensemble Modern; Brad Lubman), MARK ANDRE (b.1964): ...ALS... (International Ensemble Modern Akademie, Rafael Caldentey Crego [clarinet], Wolfgang Zamastil [cello], Ueli Wiget [piano]), KLAUS HUBER (b.1924): ...à l'âme de descendre de sa monture et aller sur ses pieds de soie... (Rohan de Saram [cello], Max Engel [baryton], Katharina Rikus [alto], Teodoro Anzellotti [accordeon], Isao Nakamura [percussion], Lucas Vis [conductor]).

Catalogue Number: 11K119

Label: Neos

Reference: 10821

Format: CD

Price: $19.98

No Longer Available

Description: Noise textures and (acoustic, not electronic) spatial displacement of sounds predominate in Hoffmann's 'Luring', which seems to have something to do with various types of strategies of enticement and their consequences. Mack's Kammermusik IV consists of a sequence of episodes in which groupings of the ensemble interact, a constant connective thread being provided by the wordless vocal part. The composer's association with Indonesia, and the coincidence of the 2004 Tsunami disaster occurring during the composition of the piece lends aspects of the material, especially that for the voice, an 'eastern' flavor, and a lamenting quality. Andre's ...ALS... is here performed without electronics, as heard in the version we offered a couple of months ago on Kairos, nevertheless continuing the composer's restless search for new sonorities and instrumental timbres, here depicting a breathless, anticipatory stillness. Huber's chamber concerto was inspired by middle-eastern texts, and occupies a still, philosophically contemplative world of subtle sustained instrumental sounds and fragmentary gestures.


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