PIETRO TORRI (c.1650-1737): Le martyre des Maccabées.

Catalogue Number: 11L018

Label: Musique en Wallonie

Reference: MEW 0846-0847

Format: CD

Price: $33.98

Description: An Italian composer at the court of a Bavarian price (Elector Maximilian Emmanuel) wrote this strikingly Lullian oratorio at some point toward the end of the first decade of the 18th century (it is likely the first dramatic oratorio in the French language). Strong in its characterization of the main characters, often through instrumental color, it also moves along at a compelling dramatic pace and could easily be staged as an opera. 2 CDs + 93-minute NTSC Region 0 DVD of a performance of the oratorio. French-English texts. François-Nicolas Geslot (countertenor), Anne Magouët (soprano), Alain Buet (baritone), Bruno Rostand (bass), Namur Chamber Choir, Les agrémens; Jean Tubéry.


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