PER NØRGÅRD (b.1932): Fragment V, Diptychon, Op. 11, POUL RUDERS (b.1949): 3 Tiny Pieces for Great Friends, Bel Canto for Solo Violin, NIELS ROSING-SCHOW (b.1954): E Rigidis, ANDERS NORDENTOFT (b.1957): 2 Movements, HERMAN D. KOPPEL (1908-1998): Ternio, Op. 53a.

Catalogue Number: 11L087

Label: Dacapo

Reference: 8.226519

Format: CD

Price: $9.98

Description: Koppel was Nørgård's piano teacher and close colleague in the 1950s, and there is a certain affinity between his immensely attractive, neo-romantic though classically elegant Ternio, its ebullient outer movements framing a restrained slow movement, and the younger composer's early Diptychon, with its insistent rhythmic pulse in the second section and flowing poetry in the first, in a predominantly tonal language. Fragment V is the earliest example of infinity row composition in Nørgård's output, an austere, open textured work in which the principles upon which it is based are easy to follow. The Nordentoft is also an early work in which poetic melody is brusquely interrupted by a mechanistic barrage. Ruders' three pieces contrast melodic violin material with more angular piano material, while Bel Canto was a competition piece written expressly to promote that style of playing. Rosing-Schow's early piece is a personal response to the 'New Simplicity', beginning in minimalistic style and evolving into more fluid form as the work progresses. Elisabeth Zeuthen Schneider (violin), Ulrich Stærk (piano).


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