Contemporary Czech Music, Vol. 5

MIROSLAV PELIKÁN (b.1922): Cello Sonata (Petr Prause [cello], Václava Cernohorská [piano]), JINDRICH FELD (b.1925): Quintet for Saxophone and String Quartet (Eugéne Rousseau [sax], Prazák Quartet), KAREL JANOVICKY (b.1930): Sonata for Solo Harp (Katerina Englichová), PAVEL TROJAN (b.1956): Astoriana for 2 Pianos (Jana Macharáchová, Hanus Barton), RADEK REJSEK (b.1956): 8 Windows of the Loretta Spire for Harp, Flute and Piano (Englichová [harp], Duo BeNe).

Catalogue Number: 11M079

Label: ArcoDiva

Reference: UP 0081-2

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

Description: Given the lack of space available to address five different composers and five different works for different instrumental combinations, it's probably easier to just note that everything here is tonal (can't tell you the dates of composition since only one of them is given in the substandard notes) while nothing is neo-Romantic. Does that help any?


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