VYTAUTAS MISKINIS (b.1954): Dum medium silentium, O sacrum convivium, Patre noster, Tenebrae factae sunt, Don't leave me, sun, 7 O Antiphons, Oh, it's getting cold, O magnum mysterium, Ave Maria II and III, Salve regina, Time is endless.

Catalogue Number: 11M093

Label: Hyperion

Reference: CDA 67818

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: The choral and folksong traditions of the Baltic states, and the particular flavor of their indigenous church musics have made the area fertile ground for the cultivation of choral composers of the highest quality and individuality, and the Lithuanian Miskinis is a fine example of this. His music is fundamentally tonal, though with ingenious and precisely judged levels of dissonance for expressive effect, extending to subtle cluster effects for coloristic and rhythmic emphasis. Repeated gestures, more in the nature of ostinato patterning than minimalistic insistence, provide rhythmic impetus when suggested by the nature of the text. Folk-derived modalities from the region also play an important rĂ´le, most obviously when fragments of actual folk music are quoted or invoked, but also providing a particular sense of an archaic regional vocabulary throughout. It should also be noted that despite their generally similar devotional tone, the composer's expressive range is very wide, with a differently shaded harmonic palette employed for every piece - the two (of seven so far) settings of the Ave Maria, for instance, are strongly contrasted in character and personality. Choir of Royal Holloway; Rupert Gough.


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