Ireland plays Ireland

JOHN IRELAND (1879-1962): Songs: The Land of Lost Content, Songs Sacred and Profane (Wigmore Hall, May 14, 1951), I have twelve oxen, The trellis, Hawthorn time (Wigmore Hall, Dec. 8, 1947) (Peter Pears [tenor]), Solo Piano: Amberley wild brooks (May 28, 1948), London Pieces: No. 2 "Tagamuffin" and No. 3 "Soho forenoons" (Feb. 25, 1949), 4 Preludes: No. 1 "The undertone" (Nov. 7, 1946), Fantasy Sonata for Clarinet and Piano (Frederick Thurston [clarinet]. Jan. 8, 1948), Cello Sonata in G Minor (Antoni Sala [cello]. Studio recording Oct. 25, 1928).

Catalogue Number: 11M100

Label: Dutton

Reference: CDBP 9799

Format: CD

Price: $10.98

Description: Valuable historical documents of both Ireland and Pears with all taken from off-the-air recordings except for the very early electrical recording of the cello sonata. John Ireland (piano).


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