JEAN-PHILIPPE RAMEAU (1683-1764): Platée.

Catalogue Number: 11N025

Label: Arthaus Musik

Reference: 107 335

Format: DVD

Price: $38.98

No Longer Available

Description: Minkowski took Platée, which he recorded for Erato in 1990, to the stage of the Palais Garnier in Paris in 2002. This is the production we have here (also released on TDK in 2004, not offered by us). Lavish and bizarre costumes for everyone, especially the ugly frog title character; impossible not to enjoy if you're a Rameau fan. 2 DVDs. Mireille Delunsch (soprano), Yann Beuron, Paul Agnew (tenors), Vincent Le Texier (baritone), Orchestra and Chorus of Les Musiciens du Louvre; Marc Minkowski. 16:9 widescreen. DTS 5.0 or Dolby Digital 5.0 or PCM Stereo. NTSC region 0. 150 min.


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