FRANZ SCHREKER (1878-1934): Irrelohe.

Catalogue Number: 11N059

Label: MD&G

Reference: 937 1687-2

Format: CD

Price: $42.98

Description: Another great helping of lush, overripe orchestral textures clothing a decadent plot which includes fear of sex, jealousy and murder, with a closing conflagration in which the soprano, about to die, sings of the redeeming power of love! What more could you want, especially if you never got the Sony version of this in 1995 (now long out-of-print)? Both recordings are live and you might like to have English translations but that, apparently, was a bridge too far for MD&G. At least the price is good! 3 CDs. German libretto. Roman Sadnik (tenor), Ingeborg Greiner (soprano), Daniela Denschlag (mezzo), Mark Morouse (baritone), Bonn Theatre Chorus, Beethoven Orchestra Bonn; Stefan Blunier. MD&G SACD hybrid


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