JOSEP MARTÍ I CRISTIÀ (1884-1918): Recordances de la joventut, Siluetes, 3 Preludis, Si vinguessis amb mi vora el mar, El el patio, Pamplona.

Catalogue Number: 11N062

Label: La Ma de Guido

Reference: LMG 2102

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

No Longer Available

Description: This Catalonian composer died young (in the flu epidemic? we aren't told) but he wrote over 200 pieces, some of which he destroyed while ill. The Recordances are his Schumannian Kinderszenen via his teacher Granados but there is also French Impressionism on display here in the Preludes and the Silhouettes and especially in the longest work here - the eight minute "If you were to come with me along the sea" - and, to finish off this recital, two Spanish-flavored items (Pamplona is a jota). I wonder what more Martí left us? Daniel Blanch (piano).


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