GENE GUTSCHË (1907-2000): 2 Piano Sonatas, Op. 32, Theme and Variations, Fugue in C Minor, Op. 3, Utliltarian Fugue, Op. 9.

Catalogue Number: 11N071

Label: Centaur

Reference: CRC 3150

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: One of those American lone wolves or "originals" who went their own way, shunning serialism but happy to use liberal doses of dissonance and non-academic harmonic writing, Gutchë has been mostly forgotten (especially now that CRI's orchestral disc of his music is gone with the late, lamented label). This new release is now the only CD of his music on the marke. The Variations and the two Fugues date from 1948-9; the 20-minute Variations are often quiet and delicate until, after a penultimate fugue, a funeral march builds to a powerful finale. Both sonatas date from 1963, single-movement works in three parts, with neo-romantic tendencies more to the fore in the First. Matthew McCright (piano).


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