PHILLIP RAMEY (b.1939): Piano Music, Vol. 3 - Suite, 2 Short Pieces, Toccata Giocosa, Slavic Rhapsody (The Novgorod Kremlin at Night), Burlesque-Paraphrase on a Theme of Stephen Foster, Bagatelle on "Dies Irae", Djebel Bani (A Saharan Meditation), Blue Phantom, Sonata No. 6 (Sonata-Fantasia).

Catalogue Number: 11N082

Label: Toccata Classics

Reference: TOCC 0114

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: Ramey's style has its roots in the motoric athleticism of Prokofiev and Bartók, refracted through the wiry and elegant polyphony of Tcherepnin. To these early influences he has brought the tangy dissonance of mainstream modernism and a Lisztian enjoyment of the grand Romantic gesture. This volume, spans almost 50 years, from the early Suite of 1963, most characteristic of the aforementioned Prokofiev-Bartók vein to works written as recently as 2010 (a dark, grim mood picture of the Novgorod Kremlin and Ramey's own take on the Dies irae), and closing with a substantial work from 2008, the virtuosic, granitic and modernist Sonata No. 6. Stephen Gosling (piano).


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