GIUSEPPE PORCILE (1680-1750): Cantata sopra l'arcicalascione, GIULIO CESARE RUBINO (18th cen.): Lena, ALFONSO M. DEI LIGUORI (1696-1720): Quanno nascette Nínno a Bettlemme, NICOLA MATTEIS (1650-1720): Sonata for 2 Violins and Bass, ALESSANDRO SCARLATTI (1660-1725): Ammore, brutto figlio de pottana, ANGELO RAGAZZI (1680-1750): Sonata I for 3 Violins and Continuo, GUIDO MORINI (b.1959): L'Arfeo annammurato.

Catalogue Number: 11O025

Label: Cyprès

Reference: CYP1649

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: The relaxed sound and odd look of Neapolitan dialect goes along with a more relaxed, earthy and popular sound in most of these cantatas (you may remember the raunchy one by Scarlatti from a 3 CD set of Italian cantatas we recently offered on Glossa). The seven-minute Christmas piece by Liguori couldn't be more charming and naive while the harpsichordist here composed his own 17th-century Neapolitan cantata to texts by Accordone's tenor, Marco Beasley. Neapolitan-English texts. Accordone; Guido Morini (harpsichord).


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